Friday, January 22, 2010

Today's harvest and food.

A li'l rain won't stop me from harvesting :)

Picked today:
Purple kale
Various lettuce
French sorrel
Brocolli leaves
Cabbage leaves
Cauliflower leaves
Onion tops
Garlic tops

What I'm I preping today?

Going to make raw kale chips in the dehydrator. I'm also going to try to make raw cauliflower & broccoli chips. Hope those come out yummy :) if not I could use them in tonights veggie soup :)

Also, been rashining the flax seeds; will be making raw flax seed crackers with the above herbs.

For lunch & dinner big pot of veggie soup with a yummy side salad. Also in the soup will be a small amount of amaranth and green lentils (been rashining those too).

The pantry is looking very slim, folks! Question is, will we make it thru the 1st without feeling hungry??? Ayeeeeeee, not sure!


food dehydrator said...

I like zucchini chips, coat the zuke with tomato and spices

peaceful petal said...

Wow, tx for the tip :) Will b sure to try them out :)