Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Settler's Venture: Day 18

The photos in the video:

1.) We're harvesting greens every two days.
2.) Making yummy kale chips every week. Still can't believe that children love them!
3.) Thanks to Warren & Lovejoy for graciously bartering with us. We've had some yummy dishes prepped with those limes, thanks guys!
4.) When you got flour make Indian Naan and beans!! Super delicious and simple.
5.) Still lots of greens in the garden.
6.) Got seeds? Grow sprouts to eat.
7.) Raw vegan apple pie.
8.) Homegrown organic apple.
9.) Thank you Milagro Allegro Garden! Community handed me tomatoes, peas and collards the day I was giving seedlings away. Funny coincidence, the community has no idea of our venture, talk about scoring at the right time. I was already convinced we were going to run out of food by the end of this week and would have to opt out of our venture.
10.) Garden keeps pumping 50% of what we eat!

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