Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hillside Cooperative Produce, Update!

Yay! This is what we got for our exchange...

Lemons :)
Mint Clover Rose Tea :)
Red Tomatoes
Yellow Tomatoes
Chili Pepper
Bay Leaves :)
Garlic Chives
Lemon Verbena
Red Onion
Arugula Flowers

Indian Sage

Picking up our bag was like picking up a goodie bag! Just like when we were kids :) You really didn't know what you were going to get, but knew you were always in for a fun surprise!!!

Thanks again Hynden :) We can't wait to do this again. We'll be sure to always plant extras for the Hillside Cooperative Produce Community!

Hillside Cooperative Produce!!

Annie & Mark turned us onto the Hillside Produce Cooperative that does a FREE monthly exchange of fruits, vegetables, herbs & flowers we grow in our gardens!! Thx guys!

Hillside Produce Cooperative was founded by Hynden and coincidentally she only lives about 4 blocks away! Nice, eh? If you think about it, this week the Hillside Produce Cooperative will save us money, a car trip to the farmer's market and will also allow us to play longer outside :)

We appreciate your manifested idea Hynden! We can't wait to drop off our goods this morning!!

What surplus do we have to exchange today?
Everything was harvested this morning! Can't get any fresher than that!

Garlic Chives

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Paintings for Sale :)

Many of you who have visited have inquired about our paintings :) Thanks for all of your sincere compliments :) We have soooo much fun painting, especially when our buddy Milan comes ova!! Now that Gurl can PAINT!! (Hey Milan! Let's really get up to Children's Hospital to teach the kids how to paint!!)

As much as our garden changes, we too love to change the vibe of our home! We also strive not to attach ourselves with materials that also bring happiness to others :) Nothing like arriving to a living happy work of art :)

With that being said, we will be putting several of our personal favorite pieces up for sale!

I'll keep you posted...
Happy Milli

When time stands still in your garden :)

These are the moments when you're simply just being in the garden... 

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Watering Plan

We're curently discussing a watering plan. Bingwa drew the attached plan, making it easier for us to plan for the upcoming summer heat!

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Hurry!! You can still Sow, Plant or Transplant these veggies b4 June ends!!

Hola and Happy Summer!!

We've been really good in planting several seeds the last couple of weeks :) We begin our seeds in peat moss, however, I want to convert to Coir :) Coir is a natural fiber derived from the husk of the coconut. Mother Earth is always on our minds so Coir would be the way to go! With its high moisture retention, strong porosity and aeration, balanced pH, and high quality renewable alternative to mined peat moss, How can we go Wrong?? But in the meantime we'll finish the bag of peat moss we purchased and later look into getting some Coir :)
This is what we could still sow or transplant by the end of June here in Los Angeles:

Lima & Snap Beans
Lettuce (oakleaf, & other heat-tolerant, bolt resistant types.)
Sweet Potatoes
Radishes New Zealand Spinach
Summer & Winter Squash
Seeds started June 16, 2009.
This is what we planted on June 16:

Pole Green Snap
Scarlet Runner Bean
Black Eye Peas
Black Beans
White Eggplant
Green to Orange Eggplant
Lao Purple Stripe Eggplant
African Eggplant
Squash Summer Scallop Patty Pan Blend
Squash Straightneck Early Yellow
Squash Black Beauty
Tomato Coeur
Tomato Pole Aunt Ruby's German Green

As you can see, seeds germinate quickly as long as they remain moist and in a moistly shady area!

Pix taken today June 24, 2009

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Summer Solstice :)

We celebrated our 2 yr wedding anniversary & summer solstice with a gift from the universe! We had our first snow queen nectarine from our tree which was planted in March from a bare-root tree ;)

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Organic Veggies and Water Plants For Sale!!

Hola :) Happy Sunny Tuesday!  
(Finally! Gloom BE GONE!!)
Yes, we again have a surplus of organic baby veggies, herbs, and water plants for sale.
These li'l guys need to be transplanted into the earth, bigger pots, or bigger ponds very soon :)  
Here's the list of what we have growing:
Prices $1-$4.50

Swiss Chard
New Zealand Spinach
Mesclun Lettuce


Water Plants:

Contact us if you'd like to stop by to pick these li'l guys up :)  
Happy Late Spring Gardening :)

Thursday, June 11, 2009


So we are in a time space where something needs to change. We've come to the conclusion that our garden at the peek of summer gets 6 hours at the most and some of the garden gets less. A lot of it gets less. This year we really stuck with the watering plan and it made a huge difference compaired to last year. Don't get me wrong, the garden looks good but it's not packed with vegges so ripe they're bursting from the scenes. I've been seeing more and more lately about fertilizer and I think it's time to research it more. We use compost and we've done the compost tea spuratically but I realize that we don't feed the plants let alone the micro bacteria.
Compost is a ammendment to the soil. Fertilizer feeds the plants and I think it's time for them to eat.

-- Posted from the field

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Daily Harvest

One of the post I thought would be useful is one on our harvest(s) everyday because we use something from the garden everyday. Even if we get something to eat while we're out and bring it home, we still use herbs or make a salad. In the mornings we might grab a couple of strawberries or a handful of mulberries and munch. Being able to journal and share might be insperational. Our goal this summer is 50% of what we eat we grow. So on to the daily harvest.

Looks like spinich and peas huh? Kinda, it's New Zealand spinach and the seeds. We had this in a sunny spot and it got stringy so we harvested it all today. To eat you blanch for 3 minutes than eat or cook. Suppose to be just like spinich so we'll eat it tonight and let you know. For more info on New Zealand spinich look for it soon on the right hand. We'll start a list of info for garden stuff.

-- Posted from the field