Thursday, June 25, 2009

Paintings for Sale :)

Many of you who have visited have inquired about our paintings :) Thanks for all of your sincere compliments :) We have soooo much fun painting, especially when our buddy Milan comes ova!! Now that Gurl can PAINT!! (Hey Milan! Let's really get up to Children's Hospital to teach the kids how to paint!!)

As much as our garden changes, we too love to change the vibe of our home! We also strive not to attach ourselves with materials that also bring happiness to others :) Nothing like arriving to a living happy work of art :)

With that being said, we will be putting several of our personal favorite pieces up for sale!

I'll keep you posted...
Happy Milli

1 comment:

milan said...

:-D Yes let go see if the Children's Hospital needs volunteers!!!!

I Love painting with you guys.