Sunday, June 7, 2009

Daily Harvest

One of the post I thought would be useful is one on our harvest(s) everyday because we use something from the garden everyday. Even if we get something to eat while we're out and bring it home, we still use herbs or make a salad. In the mornings we might grab a couple of strawberries or a handful of mulberries and munch. Being able to journal and share might be insperational. Our goal this summer is 50% of what we eat we grow. So on to the daily harvest.

Looks like spinich and peas huh? Kinda, it's New Zealand spinach and the seeds. We had this in a sunny spot and it got stringy so we harvested it all today. To eat you blanch for 3 minutes than eat or cook. Suppose to be just like spinich so we'll eat it tonight and let you know. For more info on New Zealand spinich look for it soon on the right hand. We'll start a list of info for garden stuff.

-- Posted from the field

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