Sunday, January 17, 2010

Great turnout at Seedling Giveaway!

Hola everyone and Happy Sunday morning :)

Yesterday's turnout was an awesome success! All winter seedlings and 95% of the summer seedlings have found homes (hint, hint, I still have about 40 early girl tomatoes and 50 parsley :) Calling all school gardens... I'm happy to drop these off.

Yes, folks I was giving thousands of seedlings away, all thanks to the Master Gardening Program and Master Gardener Mud Baron (mind you, may I add one of the coolest geekest Master Gardeners I've met yet :) Mud is awesome, he raises thousands of dollars for L.A. Unified Schools to have GARDENS!!!! YAY!!! The local growers love him so much that they will literally give him thousands of seedlings at one time! So that's how those seedlings got to you, even after I had set aside several seedlings for the children programs I'm leading. Google Mud Baron and check out his long history in giving back to the children and mother earth :)

Now a few pix...

Master Gardener Mud Baron

1.16.10 Seedling Giveaway Milagro Allegro Community Garden

It was a true pleasure talking to you in person Shatbox, you left me inspired...
Can't wait to cross paths with you again :)

Nicole Gatto Director of Milagro Allegro
Without her, there wouldn't be a garden.
We appreciate you Nicole!
(Nicole gray shirt on the right)

Going to go play outside all day, YAY!!! Have a great one...

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