Thursday, January 14, 2010

Seedling Giveaway @ Milagro Allegro Community Garden!

There’s still time to transplant your favorite winter herbs and vegetables.

Please join me as I will be giving away herb, vegetable and flower seedlings this Saturday 1/16/10 from 2-4pm for community members at Milagro Allegro Community Garden. Also receive quick tips on how to transplant and care for your seedlings.

What will I be giving away?

Winter Vegetable Seedlings:
Brussels Sprouts
Cabbage Ruby Perfection
Cauliflower Violet Queen

Herb Seedlings:

Spring/Summer Vegetable Seedlings:
Eggplant Millionaire
Tomato Cherry Red
Early Girl Tomato
Pepper CA Wonder
Pepper Caribbean Red

Flower Seedlings:
Aquilegia Origami Blue & White
Aquilegia Origami Swan Violet & White
Aquilegia Origami Swan Red & White
Delphinium Blue Butterfly
Poppy Ice Champagne Classic
Shasta Daisy

Garden Location: 115 S. Ave 56, LA 90042
One block SE of Figueroa-Behind the Highland Theater

Hope to see you there!


Shatbox said...

That was a great event. You and the Master Gardeners do such a great job supporting the community!


peaceful petal said...

Thanks sooo much for stopping by :) It was awesome talking to you in person, I was telling Bingwa all about you and how enthusiastic you are about growing your own and for others :)