Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 4: So far 50% self sustainable...

The sugar snap pea and the rest of his juicy family that satisfied our palates on New Years day...

Tip: The more you pick the more flowers & peas the vine produces...

Dinner ~ Stir fried home grown veggies & tofu that had been sitting in the fridge while we were out of town.

Several hand bunches of mixed lettuces with several fresh herbs, such as basil, garlic chives, cilantro, parsley, and papalo accompanied by Bragg's Liquid Aminos and a squirt of lemon went great with lunch & dinner January 2nd.

Tip: Harvest leaves, not the entire head for continuous harvest. If leaves taste bitter, try letting them sit in water for several minutes after harvesting. That usually releases the bitterness from the leaves.

Jan. 3rd. Breakfast we had oranges from Hillside Co-op Produce. Lunch ~ Bowl of lentils with salad. Dinner ~ Quinoa Angel Hair Pasta, meatless-balls, and greens from the garden.

Jan. 4th. Breakfast ~ Tiny delicious apple... yum, nothing like the taste of 2min. old apple!
Lunch ~ Huge green salad, garbanzo beans, leftover yellow split peas.
Snack ~ Cocao shake with spirulina, dates, shredded coconut, kelp powder, flax seed powder, parsley powder, alfafa powder, dried pineapple, and frozen mango.
Supper ~ Huge green salad and crunchy veggie lasagna.
Confident we'll make it through the month without breaking our pledge!!!

:) Milli :)

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