Thursday, July 16, 2009

Organic Fertilizer Update

After much debate of whether or not to use manure, we decided to use it in our compost pile :) I wasn't crazy about using it in the first place, but was convinced by the plants and Bingwa that it was time to feed the veggies with a different meal...  I'm still soooo amazed on how quickly the compost has decomposed and how much darker & healthier it looks :)  
~Note: Never add Manure directly into your soil!  It will burn your plants :(

Our buddy Talia was also cool enough to barter some 
Mycorrhizae for some baby veggie plants :) We've been adding it to our veggie transplants and they are super happy.  Heard its a bit expensive, so if you're on a budget go with making your own compost and adding manure.

And since we were up to experimenting and mad about feeding the hungry veggies & fruit trees...  I decided to purchase some worm tea from my buddy Lora Hall at the Highland Park Farmer's Market.
~Note: Always do one part tea to 10 parts of water and of course give it a good stir! (just in case you were wondering)
~Personal Journal Note: Worm Tea was added to the Orchard on 7/1/09.  They are looking soooo healthy and the peach leaf curl is somewhat controlled.  Believe Peach Leaf Curl had to do with humid nights.  Last few days have finally heated up!  Yee-Pee Summer Days are Finally here :)

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