Friday, July 24, 2009

Gardener Celebrities at Novella's Speaking Engagement

What a Great Evening!

Talk about a room full of Urban/Eco-Conscious/Farmers/Master Gardeners/Vegans/Homesteaders and Novice Edible Gardeners. Listening to Novella and her wacky stories about her squat Farm, the animals she grows to eat and her tiny apartment in Ghost Town Oakland California was certainly uplifting and inspirational :) Thanks Novella for being soooo real & humble :) Now I'm really going to have a good reason to have Bingwa take me to Ghost Town while we're visiting Mama & Papa up in Bay Area :) I'd love to visit all her animals and edible garden :)

Side note: Novella was not able to make it to our garden this time around... her flight was delayed :( Hoping next time she's in LA, we'll have the honor to have her :)

Fun Fact: I've worked very closely with high profile celebrities for 15yrs, and rarely have gotten star struck. But tonight was like attending a Gardener Blogger Celebrities Meeting :) It was great being surrounded by all these Gardener Stars :) All of these people are being the change they want to see in the WORLD....
Here's a few that were in attendance...

Yvonne Savio & Novella Carpenter

Yvonne Savio & her Awesome Husband! She is my idol and also the best Mother Master Gardener a Gurl could ever have! She's super famous in the world of Gardening! All you got to do is Google her name and see how much she's contributed to the Los Angeles County Community; don't forget to sign up to get on her e-list. She's filled with great tips and resources :)
UCCE Cooperative Master Gardener Program

Adriana Martinez from Anarchy In The Garden was also in attendance :) A very intelligent lady with a punk edge! Nice eh? Picture a Punk Rock Chic playing in BLACK raised garden beds! (Hey Adriana! Lets compare what our veggies look like after you play hard core punk and I play classical/mediative music. Lets share the results with Yvonne :) :) If you happen to be in the Long Beach area on August 1st, be sure to stop by and say hello to her at the Grand Opening Wringley Village Community Garden where she has tirelessly help to open.

Fern from Life on the Balcony was also there :) I can't wait for us to hang and maybe she could share more container gardening tips with me :) I'm always curious about what other kinds of edibles can be grown in containers :)

Master Gardener and my dear friend Merideth Hackerman from Farmlab was also there! Oooo she's always a good stimulator of the mind & soul! Thank you Merideth for tonight's extra tickets and for always sharing Farmlab's seeds with our communities! You ROCK!!! Hey, I may have to drop by tomorrow's Salon, it sounds interesting :)

My Favorite place in LA besides my garden..

And last but certainly not least... Homegrownevolution's Erik & Kelly were also there :) It was such a pleasure to meet them. Both down to earth with beautiful happy smiles :) I certainly enjoyed the Chicken conversation we were having with Kelly. She glows with positivity. Erik is a lucky guy :)

So there you have it, a night of stimulation, affirmations, and meeting of the minds :)


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