Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hornworm Caught!!

10 pm and we caught a HUGE 5inch Hornworm!! Hmmm now what to do with him???  He was putting up a really good fight.  I'll be sure to throw him over the hill tomorrow morning :) 

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Adriana said...


peaceful petal said...

si muy pero muy feo-ito!

Scott said...

Now what to do with him? I use a hand trowel to dig a very small hole in my garden. I put the worm in the hole. I'll cut the worm in half with the shovel and bury it. Or I put the dirt back over the worm then step on it hard to smash the worm. I do the same with grasshoppers (that my cats catch), cutworms, snails, and any other pest type bugs. For wireworms (which LOVE my potatoes) I just use my thumb nail to cut them in half and then they go back in the ground also. The circles complete - my plants feed them then they feed my plants. After all they are organic, biodegradable and good nourishments for the garden.

peaceful petal said...

For whatever reason I feel soooooooo bad killing pests :( I simply can't do it :( When I ask Bingwa what to do with them, he always has a good solution. At times he feeds the fish with them :) or he releases them onto the south side of our home where there are bushes for them to survive in :) which in turn makes me feel better about the whole thing :)

I actually like your idea too... "The circles complete..." Maybe this will help me carry out the next slaughter of Cabbage Moths :) I've been meaning to use Bingwa's Moth Killing Racket for a while now... hmmmmmm... I'll keep you posted :)