Monday, May 18, 2009

No starters to replace Harvest in time :(

Photos: Jan...Feb...Early May...

We did great back in January...
Started hundreds of veggies by seed (didn't realize all seeds were going to sprout! 
Converted our bedroom into a green house (which was pretty cool and surreal!)

By March we had hundreds, I mean hundreds of organic baby veggies ready for separation and transplanting! (we don't believe in thinning, can't get around to killing little beings!) 
b/t/w want to give a Big GRACIAS to everyone who stopped by to give those little guys a great home :) don't be shy, send ova some pictures :)

Now in mid May...  We find ourselves without many starters :(  The bingwa keeps asking "What you got for me to plant this week?"  Ummm, I'm wondering if he realizes that we have almost 50 tomatoes growing plus another 28 different varieties of organic veggies that are currently thriving ??? Then again I should really consider... Most of the valentine mesclun has been harvested almost daily, all turnips/radishes/kohlrabi have been eaten and cabbages will soon need to be removed due to those pesky cabbage worms ARGHHHHH.  

I can't believe we haven't purchased any starters since December!!!  Way to be sustainable, eh?If only we hadn't taken a month and half break from starting our own seeds we'd be planting right now :(  So tomorrow we'll stop by the Highland Park Farmer's Market to grab some starters such as purslane (verdolagas), parsley, and cilantro from our buddy Lora Hall.  She's pretty cool and very knowledgeable about fruit trees and veggies :) 

You could read her temporary posts @:

Positive Love & Vibes,
Peaceful Petal :)

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