Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Carrot & Beet harvest

Yesterday we decided to pull up our beets & carrots from the garden. We germinated them from seed in January and planted them in the yard I think in early March. I'm checkin' with Milli... hold on, we're debating the dates, lemme go check the garden journal. OK, thank the universe for the garden journal and dated pictures. We suggest you record as much as you can in a book journal and take a gazillion pictures. We germinated the seeds on Dec. 10th 2008 and transplanted them into the ground on Feb. 3rd this year. So it being 3 1/2 months since planting in the ground and the area getting more shade from the Mulberry tree plus a couple of test pulls showed aphids at the top or the beet or carrot where the tops connect. That part was in the mulch so I guess watch out for that. We also had some shady-er vegetables to plant too so it was time to get all of them out. The harvest was decent but not enough to sustain us for long. Lots of little ones but some good sized ones too. Need to figure how to produce about 20 carrots a week. That's about what we go through eating & juicing. Milli has pictures showing the progress. She'll load them up next. Lesson of this experience - more sunny places, find out why aphids were in mulch, plan how to plant sucessively to have a sustainable enough harvest. The carrots were delicious, crunchy and they got eaten with some hummus today. We also had some big white carrot looking things that we don't know what they were about. Don't think it was parsnip so if anyone has any ideas please let us know. Look for the progress pictures in a minute. Peace

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