Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Examples on How to be Sustainable...

Example One on how to be sustainable...
  • milli y eric get contracted to design and e-market www.thecrystalmatrix.com
  • Patricia Bankins owns The Crystal Matrix
  • eric y milli are happy to barter 50% with The Crystal Matrix :)
  • milli uses some of bartering to get crystals and tools
  • milli uses crystals to design her personal jewelry
  • strangers, friends, and family demand milli's jewelry to be available for sale :)
  • milli will donate and debut her jewelry at a silent auction this sat
  • sat silent auction will raise funds to teach others how to grow their own food
  • End result = milli, eric, patricia, and people who are taught to grow their own food HAPPY PEOPLE :)
sneak preview of milli's peaceful line...

Turquoise Ring wrapped in Copper Wire

Example Two on how to be sustainable...

  • milli desires not to purchase but to recycle/reuse/barter
  • milli needs bamboo or Arundo for Bingwa's 55+ tomato plants!!
  • milli gets another call from Patricia about having more invasive bamboo and arundo
  • milli drives truck to Patricia's to clean and pickup bamboo and arundo
  • Patricia ends up with bamboo and arundo mulch and sticks for her beautiful veggie garden :)
  • milli has plenty of sticks for Bingwa's 55+ tomatoes
  • End result = milli helps to remove invasive plants (preventing spreading and fires), patricia uses her own bamboo/arundo mulch (saving money and benefits her soil), milli has invaluable sticks for homemade trellises and Bingwa plus Mother Earth = Happy :)
Patricia, thanks for playing outside with me today !

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