Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fruit garden

Summer is what gardening is all about. Think that has been said before. Swore I've heard that before. When we plan to plant for summer, I always feel like there's not as much veggies to plant compared to spring and fall. Summer is probaly comparable to winter (at least here in southern CA) with the amount of veggies that like that season. Of course you have some of the favorites; tomatoes, cucumber, squash, peppers, herbs, and others that love the heat but most veggies don't like too much hot. What makes summer so great is fruit.
When we first moved here almost 4 years ago (August) we were blessed with some well developed fruit trees. There were a cluster of mulberry trees, one other mulberry tree across the yard and a loquat tree. With some love and water they ended up being good producers. Two plus years ago we planted two grapevines. Earlier this year we planted 11 fruit trees and have 5 more in pots. We also have little banana trees (but I don't really count them cause I don't know of there the fruiting type). These trees don't produce much the first years but by the third, should be supplying us fruit. We have a few pieces this year, enough to excite us about the future. Last year we had grapes grow which was the most fantastic suprise last year. We harvested about 20 pounds of grapes who's were undescribingly delicious. I'm smiling just thinking about them. :). So this year it looks like we might get more. As Milli would say "so exciting!", indeed. So here's to summer and the fruit. Plan what fruit you and your family enjoy and don't worry about the size cause you can keep mostly all fruit trees pruned small and still yeilds fruit. We're hoping for 50 pieces per tree which would be over 500 pieces of fruit. That should hold us over! We'll blog more about the trees and there progress.

-- Posted from the field

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