Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Replenishing the nutrients in your soil

Hola Everyone :)

Hoping everyone got a head start on their fall/winter planning, preparation of soil, and sowing. The Mecca here has certainly gotten an injection of rejunevation these past several weeks :) Consequently, we haven't made much time to blog... Picture us outside till 8:30pm :) Yes, in the dark, playing in the soil or planning :)

Summer crops plus the summer heat suck most of the nutrients out of our fertile soil :( Wondering how to replenish the nutrients the inexpensive way? We till the following about 1ft below the soil surface:
  • Compost (Home made)
  • Worm Castings (Worm poop)
  • Steer Manure (Bags run for about a buck each)
Once you've dug the above mix well into your soil, water it well and allow it to settle for about 2 weeks, not forgetting to continue to water the area.

After the two week mark, the soil is ready for you to sow or transplant your fall/winter crops :)

Reasons why you should wait 2 weeks or more:
:) You're doing lots of good to the physical soil structure :)
:) You're allowing the beneficial microbial population to multiply :)
:) You're allowing the worms to aerate the soil :)
:) You're allowing the earth to rest :)

:( Steer Manure is high in nitrogen and may burn your plants :(

Healthy Soil = Healthy Veggies

Happy Fall Days and lots of nutritious veggies :)

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