Thursday, June 30, 2011

Red Baron peaches!!!

Our vegetable garden gets 4-5hrs of sun in the summer, boooo right? Successful organic summer gardens should get at least 6-8hrs of sun :( Our tomatoes, eggplants, and peppers are taking soooooo long to grow :( Ahhh, the challenges! Our garden is at its low at the moment :( A few years ago we were yearning for our very own organic fruit trees! So we decided to plant an orchard where we get the most sun (mind u we tore up a gorgeous zen landscape for it, I mean it had a waterfall, tiny Irish moss growing, and bamboo!) u get the idea...

Well I'm super happy we decided to do it, because here is a list of awesome sweet juicy fruit we are eating these days! YaY!

I still cant believe the orchard is only three years old :) Last yr was our first batch of fruit, this yr we estimate 50-70 pieces of fruit from each tree :)

I guess we don't mind trading gorgeous healthy tomato plants for some juicy sweet organic fruit!!!

-- Post From the Field

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