Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fall/Winter Gardening Workshop!

Hola and Happy Fall Days!!

Its PRIME time to sow for fall!

Join me, as I will be holding a Fall/Winter Gardening Workshop at Milagro Allegro Community Garden on Tuesday, 9/29/09 at 6pm.  Stop by and check out this Beautiful Community Garden, its united Community Members and also pick-up several fall/winter gardening tips :)

Can't wait to meet you in person!

~milli macen-moore :)

Foliar Feeding: personal entry

Foliar fed all edibles with fresh worm tea on 9/22/09 7am.

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Got Aphids?

Use a high pressure water spout on aphids! Check on your veggies or fruit trees every few days, and repeat as necessary. After a few battles you'll notice their numbers have been reduced ;) significantly :)
Had my 3rd battle this AM on our kale & cabbage!

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

It's Bingwa's Bday!!!

Happy Re-birthday to most loving, eco-conscious, wise being i LoVe!!!

It's raw vegan cake for u!!!

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Wormies + Scott = Good Loving Earth

Hola  :)  

Very COOL! Our buddy Glen Creason, member of The Hillside Cooperative, gave us his unused worm bin for free :)  Thanks Glen!!  I'll be happy to babysit "Chiona" or hook you up with some worm tea for your edibles :) 
Black Bin New Home to Worms!
The bin had been vacant for weeks, since I wasn't able to find an inexpensive local resource of worms :)  Bingwa finally found a great local deal on Craigslist, YaY!  Contacted the source and met up with him :)  

OMGOSH, the second I strolled into Scott's garden I was in Sustainable Urban Garden Heaven!
Scott was a true "DARLING," he gave me a full tour of his garden, and kept offering me several of his saved seeds :)  He added Loofas, Asparagus Beans, Chinese Eggplant, plus Penis/Peter Pepper to my collection!!  Yes folks, I wrote Penis/Peter Pepper :)  Oh, and a stevia plant from his garden :) What an intelligent, positive, loving being he is...

Scott and one of the areas 
where he grows his own food!

Scott's Worm Bins!  The green ones 
are ready to sell with worms and all :)

"DARLING" Scott's Garden:
Now mind you, we're at the end of Summer and his edibles looked like they were in their PRIME!!!  Nothing looked spent or diseased, and he has plenty of edibles growing on the north side of his home, between the house and a 7ft wall!  Whaaaa??? I couldn't believe it!  How many hours of sun can that side of the house really get?  The sun is rising & setting more south, how can that be?  It's gotta be the worm castings, worm tea and his secret nitrogen recipe!  

We discussed good people helping one another, asian & mexican edibles, garden recipes, how to maintain the wormies happy, and happy people living as self-sustainable as possible :)  I felt as if I had met an old friend over a green patch of edibles :)  I left invigorated with life and stimulated to continue our journey in being as self-sustainable as possible, thanks Scott :) 

Scott's North Side Edible Garden
Scott stimulated his neighbor to grow too...
His neighbor's north side garden!

My great new urban gardener 
friend & delicious Asparagus Bean!
Darling Scott

Once I arrived at home, I immediately cleaned out the fridge, began to cut cardboard boxes, went blue bin diving for newspaper, and collected leaves.  Assembled the bin and added greens, browns & the wormies :)  Sprinkled water and placed the bin in the shade.  

New Home for the Wormies
Feeling GREAT about helping mother earth by recycling, staying local, exchanging edible knowledge, bartering, re-using, + sharing is what this world is coming to.

And keep Growing...
Milli Macen-Moore a/k/a Peaceful Petal

Changing of the guard

With the summer season coming to a close and the start of the fall season quickly approaching, Peaceful Petal (Milli, my wife, but I guess I have to call her by her blog handle) and myself get a chance to switch responsibilities in the garden. We have what we call two (2) main focuses in our gardening production. The 1st position is the field manager. The field manager tasks include planning what and where to plant; based on garden space availability, amount of sunlight and length of days to harvest. Consecutively planting transplants from the nursery, creating watering routines appropriate with the season and weather, fore-think and pre-order plants months ahead of planting, feed and solve pest & disease situations, and much, much more. That's where I've been, deep in the field with stories from the highest successes to retreats, surrenders and failures. The 2nd position is the nursery manager. The nursery manager handles all seed inventory and ordering, germination and planting of seedlings, fulfilling orders from the field manager (sometimes we gotta run it like a business and momentarily put aside the husband/ wife pleasantries), periodically catalog the inventory of the nursery, post plants for sale, transplant seedlings, water, feed & help from 150 - 500 or more little beings grow big & strong. I'm looking forward to the switch and it helps both of us get a more complete experience with the full process of garden sustainability. You don't just plant a seed and wait then eat, that's for sure.
So now that I'll be in the nursery and not the field, i'll be able to fill in blogs of summer experiences in detail and explain how the nursery is. A month or so ago I built the first phase of our nursery. It's just a large shelf but it has the different areas we need. I'll explain in detail soon. Thanks everyone for checking us out and i'm excited to share our experiences.

-From the nursery, bingwa

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Is it easy to sustain yourself on what you grow?


It is when u live a life of simplicity & wellness. 

We're a meat, microwave, and a soda free home, which in turn saves us money and keeps us healthy. 

Growing your own food has its challenges and at times could be downright discouraging.  Other times you'll find yourself with an over abundance of a particular fruit or vegetable.  You're creativeness kicks in and you'll begin to think of ways on how to prepare it, preserve it, use it as bartering, or selling it.  

There have been plenty of times that we have supplemented our grocery income with simply selling a few plants  :)  In turn making us somewhat sustainable :)


Garden break time! What's for lunch?

Break time :) wanted to share this great protein crunchy salad ;)

1/4 cup Raw cashews
1/4 cup Roasted almonds
Celery (chopped same size as nuts)
Diced onion
Arugula (sliced with scissors)
2 key limes
Dabble your favorite green pepper sauce. Enjoy!

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