Wednesday, April 21, 2010

To: The New UCCE Certified Victory Gardeners

You guys ROCK! Thanks again for attending 12 hours of lecture and hands-on work with yours truly :) I'm really looking forward to our next reunion where we will be able to share more ideas, successes, seeds, plants, recipes, and everything edible :)

Congrats again and keep growing!!!

Milli Macen-Moore
Master Gardener
Neighborhood Coordinator

P.S. For those of you who are interested in taking this series on May 15th & 16th, please contact me.

Please click on link below for more info:
Grow LA Victory Garden Initiative

Remember to also leave your comments at:

Sowing our first seeds. How are your seedlings doing by the way?

Eric "Bingwa" teaching us how to build a raised box.

How to plan and what to grow.

Preparing soil.

Selecting plants.

Happy Certified Victory Gardeners!!! YAY! Congrats!
Morning class meet Afternoon class...

Gosh guys, miss you already!! Can't wait to get dirty again!
:) milli :)


Kristy B said...

Whooooo HOOOOO! Dirt! So many new experiments I need to perform in my garden lab! Thanks! -Kristy-

peaceful petal said...

NICE!!! Keep us posted, would love to hear all about it!

DJ said...

My lettuce seeds have come up! the carrots aren't even thinking about it... I started my worm tea. I'm mixing instead of airrating, so do I need to add any extra days to mix?

peaceful petal said...

Hi Deb!
YaY for the lettuce coming up :) Be patient with your carrots, they generally take a while, but don't lose hope!
I'm so happy that many of you are really preparing your own batch of worm tea!! Hope I'm not too late re: your worm tea question. Allow water from your hose to sit for 24 hours before adding your handful of worm castings. Add worm castings, stir everyday for 3-4 days. Before using brew, dilute it until it reaches the color of weak tea.

Can't wait to hear the results!

Milli Macen-Moore

Michelle Yung said...

Milli, Thanks for all your expertise! Gardening has been the perfect "excuse" to be out in nature, breathe fresh air and hone and love something. What a great experience :) You asked about how our seedlings are doing, and well, ours are alive, but not growing! Our rue, champion tomato and pepper are all healthy looking but still just seedlings... we'll try some fertilizing this weekend?

Adriana @ Anarchy in the Garden said...

I love how your hubs is so involved! It's the best feeling.

Miss you!