Sunday, February 7, 2010

Next free exchange of produce/flowers: Sat 2/13/10

Hola all! Hillside Produce Cooperative is at it again, redistributing homegrown veggies, herbs, and flowers! Check out the 411 below!


WELCOME BACK, everyone and happy 2010!

The Hillside Produce Cooperative took its very first month off EVER in January and is now BACK and ready to redistribute and share all your delicious Local FRUITS, VEGETABLES, HERBS, and FLOWERS for F R E E on

So what do you do if you'd like to join in?
It's easy! Just
and let me know what produce you'll have to contribute this Saturday and/or if you'd like to volunteer to bag or deliver all the amazing food!

If you're new to our process, please check out the HOW IT WORKS section of our website -

To include you in this Saturday's exchange, I'll need to hear back your commitment to participate via email by this THURSDAY (February 11th) at NOON.

As always, participants will drop off their yummy harvests at my house in Glassell Park - this Saturday, Feb 13th before NOON, bagging volunteers will be needed to count everything and redistribute it equally at NOON, and the beautiful savvy delivery volunteers will be needed at 2:30.

Also, if you've never exchanged with us before, I'll need your address so someone will be able to deliver a big farmers'-market-style lush bag of FREE produce to your door.

It's been so difficult to watch all our gorgeous citrus dripping off the trees the last couple of weeks! But now we're back in action and ready to share.

So who's in?

I look forward to hearing from you!
Thanks for being a part of this,


The Hillside Produce Cooperative is a free neighborhood monthly exchange of all the FRUITS, VEGETABLES, HERBS and FLOWERS we grow in our yards; a collective in which we all get to enjoy some of what everyone grows in exchange for contributing what we don’t want or won’t use ourselves. Then no food is wasted and we all get a variety of fresh local produce to eat for FREE.

-- Post From the Field

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