Sunday, September 13, 2009

Changing of the guard

With the summer season coming to a close and the start of the fall season quickly approaching, Peaceful Petal (Milli, my wife, but I guess I have to call her by her blog handle) and myself get a chance to switch responsibilities in the garden. We have what we call two (2) main focuses in our gardening production. The 1st position is the field manager. The field manager tasks include planning what and where to plant; based on garden space availability, amount of sunlight and length of days to harvest. Consecutively planting transplants from the nursery, creating watering routines appropriate with the season and weather, fore-think and pre-order plants months ahead of planting, feed and solve pest & disease situations, and much, much more. That's where I've been, deep in the field with stories from the highest successes to retreats, surrenders and failures. The 2nd position is the nursery manager. The nursery manager handles all seed inventory and ordering, germination and planting of seedlings, fulfilling orders from the field manager (sometimes we gotta run it like a business and momentarily put aside the husband/ wife pleasantries), periodically catalog the inventory of the nursery, post plants for sale, transplant seedlings, water, feed & help from 150 - 500 or more little beings grow big & strong. I'm looking forward to the switch and it helps both of us get a more complete experience with the full process of garden sustainability. You don't just plant a seed and wait then eat, that's for sure.
So now that I'll be in the nursery and not the field, i'll be able to fill in blogs of summer experiences in detail and explain how the nursery is. A month or so ago I built the first phase of our nursery. It's just a large shelf but it has the different areas we need. I'll explain in detail soon. Thanks everyone for checking us out and i'm excited to share our experiences.

-From the nursery, bingwa

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